Mikhail Lebedev`s performance exceeded all expectations.

Mikhail Lebedev`s performance exceeded all expectations.

From now on, we can confidently say that Mikhail Lebedev’s master class, announced by us, exceeded all expectations. And the numerous positive comments and words of gratitude of those who were lucky enough to attend the event on the 7th of September prove it.
And no wonder, as Mikhail Lebedev had spent a lion’s share of his life working at the crossroads of television and cinema, his work has gained recognition and he was awarded many times for it; has his own section in the magazine; and teaches courses designed by him about camera work and directing in many specialized educational institutions all over Ukraine.

He started his lecture by immersing everyone in the history of art. Giving as an example the techniques of shading and light in different epochs he focused listeners attention on how they were crated and what those paintings can teach us. Special attention lecturer gave to the significance of light in the field of stage art and cinema.
Thanks to the high-quality and varied equipment of the LVSdesign studio, the speaker presented spectacular examples of the influence of light on the psychology of perception of a positioned scene image, how by aiming or blurring the beam of light one can adjust the emotional component, in additional showing how to conceal the defects and imperfections of the object with the help of parallel light streams.

Participants of the workshop had the opportunity to try all of the mentioned techniques shown by lecturer, using their own equipment. Friendly atmosphere and Mikhail Lebedev’s easy presentation of the material was combined with light jokes and direct dialogue with the audience.
Constant dialogues between participants and lecturer devoted to the theme roamed from the studio to coffee breaks to the corridors of our location and all over court yard added to the light atmosphere of the lecture.
The workshop showed that requests for such events in Ukraine existed for long time, but due to the specifics of the themes, not all locations could satisfy the needs of the audience. LVSdesign studio was created, with this particular thought, to educate everyone who wants to learn more about stage lights.

We are sure that there will be new creative meetings ahead of us.
Watch out for our news to not miss the fun.

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