About the project

About the project

LVSdesign is a platform for implementing your creative dreams in three dimensions:


LVSdesign is also a community of like-minded people and creative individuals who want to grow professionally and produce high qality product using modern means of light, video and audio. LVSdesign have built a unique rehearsal studio, which immediately became the center of the project to provide them with the opportunity to implement as many creative ideas as possible; and we are pleased to invite you to it. In the studio we have all of the necessary equipment for rehearsals, recording music videos and any kind of videos, building and testing various light shows. In a matter of few month studio was liked by many eminent musicians, directors of music videos and commercials.
In three years of its excistance the project has become multidimensional and consists of a studio where LVS-tournaments take place, an educational platform and a coworking space.
Important part of the project is an educational platform where everyone who wants to improve their knowledge and gain experience with the most up-to-date technical equipment can learn at. We are creating the necessary conditions for the development of specialists of the light-visual shows and help them with implementation of projects that combine LIGHTING, VIDEO and SOUND.
For long-term projects LVSdesign platform provides coworking services, rental of various equipment and technical support for better quality of implementation of creative ideas for light designers, VJs, fashion designers and sound producers. Once a year we hold a national level tournament among the best light designers and VJs.

Opportunities given by LVSdesign project

  • All necessary conditions for the development of specialists of light-visual shows (space, rehearsal base, consultations, trainings, thematic exhibitions).
  • Modern equipment (light, audio, video, rigging, panels, special effects and other necessary equipment).
  • Thematic master classes, seminars, workshops.
  • Participation in projects that combine LIGHTING, VIDEO and SOUND design

We are interested in opening of talents in both – young and experienced light designers, VJs, fashion designers, stage designers, sound producers, television and movie operators.

Possibilities for creativity

All photos are made during one photoshoot at LVSdesign studio

Photos from our events


Thoughts about project

LVSdesign you are incredible. Friendly team and high level of events organization. I am going to recommend you to everyone. You know how to creatively enact ideas


Dmitry Barulin


I`ve known them for a long time. Together we created many projects. When we cooperate it feels as if they are reading my mind. I hope to do many more projects with you


Fedir Balandin

entrepreneur and cultural manager