The last half of XXI century without exaggeration and doubt can be called the apogee of lights in the history of civilization. Humanity has never reached such a high peak of mastery of lighting design and tangent art of constructing hologram-spatial effects. This thesis can be elementarily proven with a dozen records from skilled masters of light installations and hard worked on facts proving thr triumph of light-design. For example, one can recall the Symphony of Light in Hong Kong, which every night turns forty of the city’s top skyscrapers into fluttering laser beaming craters with fascinating musical accompaniment. It is impossible to ignore the Milan Lazer Show in 2016 created specially for the release of Samsung Galaxy 7; and the Hong Kong Light Show at the ICC Building in 2013, which covered an area of 46,641 square meeters, and due to this entered the Guinness Book of Records.

ICC Light and Music Show, 2016

However, the sons of the human race did not always had such a trusting and close relationship with the lights. The chronology of their relationships began in the foggy old times. The role of light in the history of humanity is impressive in its scope, and its significance encompasses the breadth of life from the natural phenomenon of photosynthesis and the laws of optics to the realm of sacralization of light by illuminates and the practice of the Athos monks. However, among the existing areas of practical application of the nature of light, the most intriguing and lively one remains the sphere of art. The reasons for such statement can be found without difficulties in the archaic sections of the history of mankind, because the primitive people were fascinated with looking at the walls of their caves and seeing dazzling shadows of the tribal fire. On the basis of the observed shadows from the blazing fire, a prehistoric interpretation of the beauty and aesthetics of light was born.
The era of Faraday and Tesla exploded in the thick twilight of Europe with a steep light of electric light. Its presence in the artistic workshops, where the new samples of beauty were prepared and looked at from different angles, made theaters and art galleries launch a new element on their stages and halls. Today without the arsenal of stage lights it is difficult to imagine the exhibition space, modern scenography, and especially the cinema. Light became almost the most important ingredient of modern visual art projects.
The intensification of the development of a popular culture and the latest art experiments has created a cumbersome request for specialists in the field of light-design and lighting artists. And this is not surprising, since the performances of most of today’s rock and pop stars are partly accompanied by incredible light shows. No entertaining events of international level go without proper lights, from a concert in honor of the presidential inauguration to the beauty contest, there are lights everywhere.
Specificity of the visual mass culture is the main legislator of the demand for professional lighting designers.With this creative profession, new techniques of maneuvering the light streams are formed, and at the same time, an arsenal of operational equipment for light designers is dynamically improved. Professional platforms for the exchange of experience, implementation of innovative techniques and competitions are being actively formed. And Ukraine is not an exception to the general trend.
One such competition in 2014 gave birth to a growing, original project that has already managed to win the trust and respect in the professional circles of lights artists. The path to this level of professionalism began with open competitions between professional designers and light show operators called LVSdesign. According to the results of the tournament, there is a clear need to create a full-fledged platform for dialogue and need to sharpen the professional skills of everyone who is dedicated to the profile theme. That is why such events began to take place on an annual basis, and their success prompted the authors of the project to expand the base of equipment and improve the platform. Thus, the improved concept of LVSdesign was formed, and in 2017 the industry was presented with the latest studio with the same name, the technical equipment of which meets the current requirements of the time.

Photo of the process of preparing the stage for the LVSdesign tournament, 2016

These transformations were reflected in the rebranding of the project that started his year, which covered a qualitative part of operation of the studio and expanded the philosophy of building stage light.
The upgraded platform also enabled the related areas of creative activity. The ones related to the processing not only of light building, but also work with sound and video. And this is not surprising, since such opportunities were placed in the ideological content of studio, even at the level of the logo and the name – Lighting Video Sound (LVS). All three areas that make it possible to create a full-blown multimedia product have been finalized at the stage of re-designing the project into the universal creative and communicative platform LVSdesign Project. This identity was reinterpreted by a team of designers and expressed by three spelled emblems. These emblems substantiated the fact that studio`s logo was transformed. From now on, it became more expressive and multifaceted, and most importantly, it outlined the strategic directions of the LVSdesign working concept, which will soon be developed and modernized.

The photo is taken in studio LVSdesign, 2017

With a number of upgrades, the LVSdesign laboratory has turned into a full-fledged magnet in a short period of time, attracting all those who are interested in upgrading their skills in lighting beams and flashes, creating perfect sound and video. Studio’s resources and technical base made it possible to conduct rehearsals of light and musical shows, as well as specialized master classes on this subject. Moreover, the modernized studio, which is an integral part of the project, is equipped with a coworking-space, where each person can work out his creative idea, or improve it by discussing it in a circle of colleagues. Working conditions and the atmosphere of space itself encourage the disclosure of creative talent and the emergence of creative ideas. And the up-to-date equipment and studio tools will enable the formation of a new gala of lighting, video and sound pfofessionals that will bring Ukraine to the forefront of this trend in the world.

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