Intuition or experience?  What is needed in the work of lighting artist?

Intuition or experience? What is needed in the work of lighting artist?

Hello to everyone who cares and is related to stage, theatrical, interior, architectural and landscape lighting to everyone in this field, as you are trully artists.
In my introduction I want to thank the organizers of the tournament (light show) LVSdesign studio for the first tournament in Ukraine for lighting artists that was held on a such high level of professionalism. I have deep respect for all of the participants of the tournament, jury and guests who visited this new project.
Lets talk about what is more needed in this profession: intuition or experience?

Both, experience and intuition are undoubtedly important, as they are in any other field of activity. To begin with, let’s define the very concept: the artist on light or a light designer or a programmer?

These things can be called anyone who works with lighting in theater, cinema, on television, in rental, with artists or in design agency … and has certain:

1. Knowledge

2. Ability

3. Qualities

I believe that good lighting designer is the person with:
– Technical education (I do not exclude any other, but it is important to know the basics of physics and mathematics), as well as person that knows and understands equipment that is used and technology for its installation in conjunction with other services (stage, sound, scenery, etc.)
– Ability to use one or more control panels (more – the better) and different computer equipment.
– The speed of thought, the speed of reaction, musicality and ability to keep calm in all kinds of situations ( with the rest of human qualities, such as sociability and respect for others, “more and less” important individuals and services involved in the process ..), (.. I do not have all the above mentioned qualities, but I would really like to).
Most importantly, one must understand that “light” is a visual component of an idea or action. And only complements the visual impression. Light show – is a collective creativity, in which the main thing is the content.

I believe that the concept of intuition is not very suitablein this profession. Intuition is for business, casino or personal life.
Another thing is experience. Experience is something that can not be measured or evaluated. And I do not see any reasons to develop this topic further. This is what is definitely needed. But I do not rule out the fact that without enough experience it is not possible to work with “light”, to surprise and impress!
This is exactly what LVSdesign tournament showed me.

What is needed in the work of the lighting artist?
That is a very good question. I do not always have enough time, and fantasie also !!! Since “light” is only one of the constituent representations, “creators” do not always take into account the time for preparation. The production of “light” is a labor-intensive process.
And also we do not always have enough tools, that is – light effects and consoles. As they are expensive!
In conclusion, I want to say once again that good results is a always collective work. But only if the participants are professionals.
Author Alexander Digtyar, Lighting Designer

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