Announcement of the LVSdesign 2017 (Junior) tournament

Announcement of the LVSdesign 2017 (Junior) tournament

We invite you to take part in this year’s tournament for the title of the best creator of lights shows and videos. This year`s tournament for light designers and visual artists will be the third one. Traditionally, in addition to the invitation, we announce some changes aimed at improving the format of the tournament and raising its attractiveness in the eyes of the contestants.

Having analyzed the foreign and local experience of organizing competitions among light designers, it was decided to divide the tournament by level of proffesionalism of the participants, the categories will be Junior and Pro – the first one is aimed to open up the talents of beginners, and the second one show the level of professionals, respectively. This will make possible to balance the expectations of all participants regarding their participation, and will attract more the talented youth.

Also, this year we announce the LVSdesign 2017 Junior tournament for lights designers and visual artists with the most basic knowledge and skills to create a lights show. We do not plan to hold the Pro Level Tournament in 2017 yet.

What is more, this year, the rules for preparation of competitive works by participants became more convenient for participants, as they will have more time to work and rehearsal before the performance. We believe that on the one hand, it will give the opportunity for the contestan to prepare a better proposal for the lights show more carefully, and, on the other hand, will allow to improve some skills in order to create a higher quality lights show.

We invite everyone to participate. Registration is open from October 11th and will last for a calendar month. Then among the participants we will select the best contestants who will take part in the final competition.

Additional information on the terms, rules and conditions of the tournament   –   LVSdesign 2017 Junior.

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