The best software for video mapping

The best software for video mapping

The best source for such information is a professional group chat. We found one of such interesting dialogues on LinkedIn and present you some of our findings regarding the best software for visualization of graphic images.

There is no absolute winner in the software contest for displaying video.

Visualization of graphic representations is a mixture of several methods: 3D, 2D, composition and audio design.

  • If you have to deal with 3D programs,use Cinema 4D (with mograph), 3DS, Maya (good for simulation), Houdini (great for speakers), After Effects, or Nuke (cartoon graphics and composition).
  • If you need sound design and music, use Pro Tools or Logic.
  • You also will have to work with a media server. Dataton Watchout, Catalyst, or Pandora’s Box – each hardware has its advantages and disadvantages.

That is why, you must clearly define all of your goals. And only then you will be able to choose the software for you.

PC or Mac?

In fact, it depends on your needs and what you are using – PC or Mac.

If you are working with PC, try using Resolume Arena 4.

For Mac you have at least two options:

  1. MadMapper, which is extremely easy to use and has some sophisticated but controversial scanning tool. You can create an image of the object you’re projecting at from the angle in which your projector is directed, using the projector and the camera to scan it.
  2. There is also very similar to the first one – Millumin, but it is still in beta testing.

We wish you to have the strength to look for the visualization of graphic images for a long time, to find the program that works best. Use it to its fullest.

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