Tournament 2017

Inflammatory competition for stage lights and video designers. Begginers level.

October – November 2017 Kyiv

  • The LVSdesign Tournament is the annual competition for the title of the best designer in creating lights shows and videos. This year the tournament is waiting for young and hard-working light designers and visual artists who take the first steps in a professional direction, and can surprise with heir level of artistic thinking and knowledge in lighting equipment.

    This year’s LVSDesign Junior 2017 Tournament is:

    • Tournament, built on the world experience of tournaments with lightning;
    • The show, which will be broadcasted for the entire Internet audience;
    • Exciting visual installations;
    • Test drive of high end light equipment;
    • Recognition of talents of participants by the jury of Ukrainian and foreign specialists;
    • Attractive prize fund and incentive prizes for participants.



    You can take part in competitions in two categories:


Participants can compete in both categories provided that they have sufficient knowledge and skills.

    • Stages of the tournament


    • I round (selection)

      Registration, acquaintance and testing
      11.10.2017 – 17.11.2017

      Jury selection
      17.11.2017 – 30.11.2017

    • II round (final)

      Preparing the work for the final

      1.12.2017 – 5.12.2017

      Final performance
      6.12.2017 – 7.12.2017


  • I round (selection)

    Registration, acquaintance and testing
    11.10.2017 – 30.11.2017

    Jury selection
    1.12.2017 – 5.12.2017

  • II round (final)

    Preparing the work for the final

    6.12.2017 – 12.12.2017

    Final performance

    • Prize fund


    • I place – 26 000 UAH
    • II place – 18 000 UAH
    • III place – 10 000 UAH
    • The participants that will be noted by the audience of the tournament, valuable prizes and honors.


  • I place – 26 000 UAH
  • For the VISUAL ARTIST category, the material reward is for the winner only.

  • The prize-winners of the LVSdesign 2015-2016 tournament who received the I, II and III places are not eligible to compete in the 2017 tournament.
  • Participants must be at the venue of the tournament in the dates of preparation and finale of the tournament.
  • The winners are determined by the decision of the jury. Other people can not influence the decision of the panel of judges about the winners.
  • Participants allow organizers to use photo, video and audio materials of the tournament in any way not prohibited by law and without limitation of terms on a free basis. In particular (but not limited to), include the materials of the tournament in photo and video archives, announcements, commercials, etc., as well as place them on the organizer’s website and Facebook.
  • In addition to publishing on the web-site, partakers will be notified about their participation using the contact information specified during registration. The absence of a participant in the venue of the tournament in the allocated dates is considered by the organizer as irreversible refusal to participate in the tournament.
  • Tournament participants agree to storage and usage of their personal data necessary for participating in the tournament. All contact information they provide is disclosed only with their knowledge and consent.

Jury tournament

Fedir Balandin

Entrepreneur and cultural manager

Michael Krupyevsky

Producer. Production director.

Alexander Digtyar

Light designer

Leo Mantis

Ukrainian singer of Nigerian origin. Participant of the Voice of the Country contest

Stepan Mikhailov

Head of International Air Agency, co-founder of the “Video of the Heat” festival

Mechanics of the Tournament

  • 1

    Registration and testing

    Those wishing to participate in the competition are ought to be registered and complet a test task.
    – For the category “LIGHTING DESIGNER”:
    Participants need to independently complete the test task for the Tournament in the studio LVSdesign. The time spent in the studio is determined in agreement with the Organizer.
    Using the musical composition provided by the organizer, the participant needs o create his light and visual work in the visualizer, on the light control panel, in accordance with the specification and record a video file in the formats MOV or MP4.
    The equipment and model of the light console on which the participant will work is possible to choose from the list available in the LVSdesign.

    – For the category “VISUAL ARTIST”:
    Contestant is supposed to choose a music composition provided by the organizer and create a visual composition and record a video work (in MOV or MP4 format) synchronized with a musical composition. The video file must be uploaded to your Youtube channel, Vimeo or to any file exchanger.

    Link to video VA send to until 30.11.2017.

  • 2


    The received LD and VA entries for the tournament will be evaluated by the jury according to the following criteria:
    – Individuality of director’s thinking
    – Level of usage of the latest technical equipment
    – Composition

    Applicants LD will receive a letter with the results of the selection till 30.11.2017, VA will receive a letter till 06.12.2017

  • 3

    Obtaining a technical task

    Selected LD applicants will receive an invitation to LVSdesign Studio at the agreed time to familiarize themselves with the stage outlook and equipment they will work with at the finals.

    Selected VA applicants will receive an invitation to LVSdesign Studio at agreed time to come with their equipment (laptop, software) and video library, discussing their rider with the organizer in advance.

  • 4

    Preparing for the finals

    Each participant prepares in the studio for programming and rehearsing his light show.

    All participants are planning a single (and identical for all) equipment suspension on the tournament site.

    The team chooses a musical composition (provided by the organizer), for which they will create the show having the opportunity to choose the day and time for prescribing the clues, ideas and video in the studio.

    Participants can bring directors of the show by informing the organizers of the preparation for the tournament task.

  • 5

    Final performance

    Participants alternately show their own light-visual show in sequence according to their number. The jury evaluates each performance by a 10-point system. The conclusions of the jury are recorded in the questionnaire of the judiciary.

    The criteria for the jury they are guided by during the assessment:

    – Individuality of director’s thinking

    – Level of knowledge and usage of high-tech equipment

    – Composition

    After each presentation and rewievs of the jury’s conclusions, all the questionnaires are collected and the score of the performance is calculated.

    After the end of the speech of all the participants jury publicly announces the winners with the necessary comment. Each member of the jury, if necessary, justifies his decision. Video is being played.

    There is also a separate vote on each performance by the audience. On its basis, the honors and prizes of the audience are given.

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from 2015-2016 participants

I was interested in the LVSdesign for some time. Last year I was in the audience, this year I decided to participate. It is incredible to work with this kind of quality equipment. I wish this equipped were all of the stages. The tournament this year is incredibly interesting, competitors are strong and smart, the level of organization is high.

Pavlo Minyaev

Participant in 2016

I read about the tournament on social network and wanted to try being a part of something this grand. This is a new possibilities for VJ’s to learn something new and show their knowledge in the format of tournament.

Ruslan Isaulenko

Participant in 2016