Tournament 2016

Unique competition of designers of scenic light and widgets of all Ukraine

25 September – 02 October 2016 Kiev. Art Arsenal

The LVSdesign tournament is a unique opportunity to showcase your creative abilities. With us, your professional talent will be recognized.

The purpose of the project

  • Create conditions for the collaboration of the light show participants: lighting designers, VJs, video designers, sound producers, performers, street artists, musicians, fashion designers.
  • Involve TV channel managers, show project managers, concert organizers (juries, seminars) in the projects of the project.
  • Invite creative personalities from all over Ukraine to join the tournament and other LVSdesign projects.
  • To promote the profession of the artist of light and other professions of the industry of creating the show.

LVSdesign provides the opportunity

  • Necessary conditions for the preparation of light-visual show (premises, rehearsal bases, consultations, trainings, thematic exhibitions).
  • Provides equipment (light, audio, video, rigging, panels, special effects and other necessary equipment).
  • Conducts thematic master classes, seminars, courses.

What do you get

  • Participation in projects LVSdesign creates a name for you in the technical support industry of the show.
  • You will receive a quality portfolio for cooperation with customers.
  • Online social networking for the tournament is your opportunity to show yourself.
  • Career prospects, getting jobs and orders.

As part of the LVSdesign 2016 event, the opportunity was also given

1. Take part in the test drive of light equipment

  • work on the line of consoles Hog 4
  • get acquainted with new light devices Сlay Paky Scenius Spot, Сlay Paky Scenius Wash, HES Solo Sтеpot Pro2000, HES SOLO Wash Pro2000

2. Visit the presentation of the new school new media art BLCK Box

3. Visit the master class “Light Composition”

4. Visit workshop “Collaboration of Sound and Light”

To meet new achievements

Jury tournament

Yuriy Mikhalchuk

Head of the largest in Ukraine book agency DJs KissFM Booking and Management DJ, event promoter, composer Ex-editor-in-chief DJmag Ukraine (official publication of the world-famous DJmag magazine)

Alexander Myakushko

Light artist at the National Opera of Ukraine, developed a scene design for large-scale projects: concert & nbsp; group & nbsp; Scorpions in Kiev, finale of the Eurovision Song Contest selection ceremony in Azerbaijan, & nbsp; “The King Oedipus”, artist at the & nbsp; concerts at & nbsp; Robert Plant, & nbsp; Kingdom Come, Ruslana & nbsp; and others; in television projects of the channels “Eurosport”, “Kazakstan”. He collaborated with stage directors: & nbsp; Edward Clue & & nbsp; Dwight Rodin.

Yaroslav Kostenko

VJ Yarkus is engaged in vjing since 2008. He created video installations at Kazantip (Ukraine), SvitloFest, LPM, Pirate Station, Sensimo, Global Gathering, I: O Art Residence and many others. Yarkus works with 3D / 2D animation, video and display of interactive installations. He takes an active part in the activities of the Ukrainian Association VJs – VJUA

Yuri Smalius

Sound Producer, Sound Producer, Composer, Britrecords recording studio owner and Indie-Indie founder of the Music Partnership. For almost 15 years of professional activity, he has collaborated with many Ukrainian and foreign top performers, whose songs have long been at the top of the charts. In 2015, he participated in the Mix With The Masters program and received a degree from Andrew Scheps.








Tournament organizer

Technical partner

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